The proof of the pudding is in the eating (unfortunately: eating follows purchasing)

The time to be most of your game when purchasing new garage equipment is without doubt the point of sale – Conduct this meeting is a carefully planned fashion and you can get answers to the important questions other than what the salesman wants to tell you…

I was prompted to write this blog post having just received a call to our offices from a

The portable brake meter for motorcycle, car, light commercial, HGV and Bus & Coach testing

customer who was wanting a new hand held brake tester. After some initial questioning in order to ascertain the exact model that he required it became apparent that the gentleman already had a competitor unit on his site but thought that the yearly calibration cost was a little high – I had mentioned the fact that the unit we sold benefited from bi-yearly rather than yearly calibration and told him the cost, £85 including return carriage, and was astonished to hear that he had been quoted £240 per annum for his unit!

Additionally, since he had no reason to use the unit in the previous few years he had actually forgotten how to use the unit properly and was told that  full training could also be provided – but at an additional cost of £20 per head!

The moral of the story here is quite obvious – whilst the unit cost was less initially the ongoing running cost of the unit was immense – therefore make sure you ask the question – “How much will an ongoing service / calibration etc. contract cost” and get it in writing or you may also discover that it was “too good to be true”.

We have a full suite of garage equipment solutions. From a sign pack to complete MoT and Garage set-ups we can assist. Call 0844 800 9785 for more information or visit our website HERE.



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