Everything you ever wanted to know about…. Single Post Lifts

A relatively new design to hit the market is the single post lift. There are essentially 2 variants of this type of lift.

1.       Single Post Maintenance Lift

This style is the same as a single post lift, but instead of drive-on ramps it has arms attached like a two post lift.

Storage: For the same reasons as a two post lift, these are terrible for storage. There is no oil drip protection and the vehicle’s suspension hangs down under its own weight.

Maintenance:  Under body access is partially blocked by the lifting arms, but otherwise these lifts offer the same advantages as a two post lift.

1 Post Storage & Maintenance Lift


Single Post Storage & Maintenance Lift

This is not the type you sometimes see in repair garages and tyre shops where the post comes out of the ground. Single post lifts have a single column on one side with arms that reach out and hold the ramps. They look like one column of a two post lift mated to the ramps of a four post lift. This design is more costly than both two and four post lifts but has some substantial benefits.

Storage: Like four post lifts, this design is excellent for storage, offering easy drive-on and nearly unlimited access to the vehicle’s exterior. When planning position of the lift and vehicles, keep in mind that like two post lifts, the column will be near one of the vehicle’s doors. Plan for the driver’s door being opposite the column for easier entry and exit of the vehicle. The foot of the single post lift does require you to drive the bottom vehicle over it while parking but is thin enough to not pose a ground clearance issue unless you drive a low profile vehicle. In this case, you can countersink the foot into the ground when installing it. But measure extremely carefully before you mount this way. Once the lift is countersunk, it is not easily moved!

Maintenance: Single post lifts are not the best of the bunch for maintenance. Under body access is partially obstructed by the two arms which stick out from the column. They aren’t huge, but may make it difficult to remove a gearbox from underneath the vehicle. Suspension work is carried out the same way as on a four post lift, using jack trays. With a bit of creativity, a vehicle can be mounted on a single post lift with the ramps removed altogether, with the vehicle resting directly on the arms. This will allow the suspension to hang free as on a two post lift.

Floor Space: This is the real beauty of a single post lift. They take up very little space despite a load capacity equal to the other styles. When raised, the only part of the lift in the way is a single column against the wall. Two of these lifts can be easily installed even in a very small space, and once raised use almost no floor space at all!

Roof Height: Roof height is measured the same way as on a four post lift except that the column is taller on a single post design. Add the two vehicle heights together, plus the ramp thickness, plus the space between safety locks and a little extra room for safety and convenience. Your minimum Roof height will be this number or the height of the column, whichever is higher.

Specific data on the GETECH 478C 1 Post vehicle lift, along with our other lifting products, can be found HERE.

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