I operate a coach or commercial vehicles. How can I prove “Duty of Care” for my fleet’s brakes?

When VOSA first offered guidance on testing commercial trailers they advised,

“The way to use a decelerometer is to first test the drawing vehicle on its own. Then connect the trailer and the deceleration rate should be similar i.e. the trailer is doing its fair share of work. This is not an exact science but would be enough to give you confidence the trailer brakes were working.”

Using a decelerometer to test trailer brakes is a positive method for any operator to achieve further regular testing that can be recorded and used as evidence if required. With “Duty Of Care” being top of the agenda for most managers, staff need to demonstrate what best they can do to achieve a safe working environment for employees and the general public.

The BrakeCheck decelerometer will test tractor units, rigid trucks and also incorporates an infra-red printer to allow repairers and internal maintenance workshops the opportunity to create and maintain an inspection sheet brake test for commercial tractors and trailers with hard copy evidence in a single cost effective solution.

Bowmonk Brake Tester
The complete HGV decelerometer kit available from GETECH.

Further detailed product information can be found on our web-page HERE where the standalone unit can be purchased along with the kit version (complete with printer and carry case).


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