MoT garages: “It’s your fault, but it’s not to late to take action”

confusedIt’s a confusing time to be a consumer. The government, the media and every reliable financial indicator tell us that we are up to our necks in an unprecedented global economic crisis. And to make matters worse, they say it’s us that we are all at fault!

The root cause of our current financial mess is a decade or more of runaway spending by governments, corporations and — yes — people like you! We bought homes we couldn’t afford. We maxed out credit cards we didn’t need. We buried ourselves under a mountain of personal debt without saving a penny for a rainy day, let alone the torrential downpour we currently face.

The result is that we’ve been seriously humbled. We no longer view the stock market as a risk-free investment. We no longer assume that home prices will continue to rise indefinitely. And we no longer treat saving money as a boring chore, like eating our vegetables.

Saving is, in fact, all the rage; but just as we as consumers getting to grips with this, it seems our government is selling a competing message: “Spend! Spend! Spend!”  So who is right in this scenario?

One way of looking at it is to look as spending cash is to look at the spend as an investment. But when we are talking about investing in this sense, we’re not talking about stocks and bonds, but products and services purchased today that will save you money down the line.

The mantra is “spend to save,” but although we tell customers; “service your vehicle regularly”, “maintain your vehicle’s efficiency by checking tyre pressures are set to optimum conditions” – when it comes to our own affairs we often say: “Let’s repair this rather than buy a replacement” or “We’ll upgrade this next year”.

The “spend to save” philosophy works because the individual is helping himself over the long term by investment in the business now, but of course in order to save, you have to have money to spend in the first instance. But often relatively small investments can bring big positive dividends and here are two garage equipment related examples:

  • Conduct preventive maintenance on your equipment before you become susceptible to breakdowns.
  • Invest in OPTL test equipment to eliminate an assistants wage within the garage

Such investments can only be from a few hundred pounds per annum in the case of a preventative maintenance program for your equipment or in the order of a few thousand pounds when investing in one person test equipment, but with these investments often pay back within months.

Currently we are offering mot garages the opportunity to invest in the latest one person testing equipment that eliminates an employee from a job and allows his re-allocation to another area of the business to be financially productive for the company.

The equipment, hydraulic play detectors, are designed as a MOT approved products for quickly identifying wear in steering and suspension components and they can be used for all vehicle classes! So with a remote control containing an inspection torch and integrated controls that control a single plate play detector capable of operating in the lateral and rotational directions you can save thousands of pounds per annum for an investment of less than £30/Week! So what are you waiting for? See the product page HERE or call us on 0844 800 9785 and we can guide you quickly towards achieving these cost savings!

And if now isn’t the right time for equipment investment or you have already taken this opportunity, then our service department can offer you a bespoke preventative maintenance program to reduce breakdowns and ensure your legal compliance.


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