Fool-proof wheel alignment and chain tension check for motorcycles…

Our wheel alignment product suite has been improved by the addition of a revolutionary laser alignment system for motorcycles.  To make the measurement, all data is taken from the swinging arm pivot (the main fulcrum of the machine) which ensures that both wheels are aligned to the common datum.

This laser alignment system should be used every time that either tyres or chain and sprockets are fitted or if the motorcycle is involved in an accident. Diagnosis of the rear wheel in two planes and the chain tension can be carried out in less than 2 minutes!


  • Measures from the fulcrum point of the motorcycle
  • Attaches to the motorcycle by means of a revolutionary fixture
  • Quick and easy fixing to swinging arm spindle
  • All measurements are taken from one position
  • Uses an elongated laser beam
  • Laser beam produces a straight edge in two planes
  • Made from high quality materials and components
  • Uses rechargeable batteries
  • Battery operated
  • No moving parts within the laser head
  • Wall board presentation
  • Neat and compact
  • Cost effective
  • Works in conjunction with all types of motorcycle stand

Our complete range of garage equipment suitable for motorcycles can be viewed in a dedicated motorcycle area on our webpage;

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