Is 2013 the year for you?

Combined MoT Bay
Combined MoT Bay

An MoT bay is a big purchase and so its quite common for it to be one of those projects which you have on the list but never quite get around to. Well 2013 could be the year. All vehicles over 3 years old require an MoT on a yearly basis and many of those vehicles fail the test giving scope for remedial works to be provided by the inspection garage

But understanding how to invest to achieve a swift approval can sometimes ensure that some garages never capitalise on the opportunity that the presenting customer makes it for the garage. After all, integrating an entirely different type of business is difficult and time consuming especially with no prior experience but vehicle items such as bulbs, wiper blades and tyres often are often unacceptable when checked and so adding the bay within the building naturally adds these small parts and labour opportunities for garages.

But what types of test bay can you afford or even achieve in your building? With so many bay descriptions (Motorcycle / Standard / Upgradeable / ATL / One-Man / Combined) why wouldn’t you be confused by the different types of MoT test bay that are available for UK garages?

Well, you could just read our quick guide to help you understand the full story on the types of mot bay that you can legally have and still comply… Just CLICK HERE to go to our RELATED BLOG POST or visit the GETECH Garage Equipment website.

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