Weighing up the benefits of replacement brake testers for mot stations… You decide.

ImageIt’s been a long serving and reliable part of your mot test bay, but when it’s time to replace your brake tester on what criteria do you select the replacement product?

In some circumstances historical preference may come into play but starting from a clean sheet of paper which is the truly best product on the market today?

Having designed our brake testers from first principles we opted for a completely different solution than other manufacturers and these key differences, we believe, provide many benefits. Here they are so that you can make an informed decision…

1) All computation is completed internally by the brake tester and not externally on a PC. PLC computation is the most stable available and designed for industrial environments (like a garage). You are simply not vulnerable to PC crashes and hard drive failures. (This is unique to GETECH)

2) Since all computation is completed internally; as long as the brake tester has power to it a legitimate MoT tests can be conducted. (This is unique to GETECH)

3) With no external PC running the brake tester we require no unsightly workshop floor mounted console (Unlike most of our competitors)

4) Our design is totally modular. Install a standard brake tester today and upgrade it in the future (if or when you want to) to be a one-person fully automated system. Further upgrades are also available to facilitate motorcycle testing if required. (Unlike many of our competitors)

5) We use the latest LED digital display which, when wall mounted can be read clearly and easily by the tester. (Sorry you get no ‘FREE’ 2nd screen with our brake testers because you don’t need one)

6) Our products come with a 5 year warranty (Unique to GETECH)

7) You get roller covers included as standard

8) We use an infra-red remote control system rather than hard wired. Loose your remote and fear not! We have a secondary manual control system as standard. (And our replacement remotes are the cheapest on the market!)

From motorcycle brake testers to mot brake testers designed for class 4 (standard and automated) and class 7 (standard and automated) testing, the GETECH range of brake testers covers all the UK’s testing requirements so browse the range on our website using the hyperlinks above or mention this blog post when calling 0844 800 9785 and we will give you an additional 5% of the list price for any product purchased.

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