Get a little bit more for your money…


We always feel that we give great value for money on our products but we all know how as a populus we “like a deal”.

Our current special offer on ATL MoT bays offers an upgrade on all lift based packages purchased to increase the platform length.

The improved specification lift is available within our new generation MoT test bay’s which have the best reliability on the market today.


  • Class 4 mot bays this free upgrade constitutes an increase in platform length from 4.56m to 5m length and;
  • For class 7 bays this increase is from 5.2m to 5.7m.

Opting for an ATL and gaining this special offer is is not the only opportunity you have for free upgrades!

There is another current offer on the website to include a FREE motorcycle mot bay with every ATL brake tester purchased.

Obtaining both of these upgrades represents a saving of over £3500 on standard prices!

Beyond the free upgrades, GETECH are committed to providing the best value to our customers and so our MoT equipment comes with a massive 5 year warranty as standard.

You can browse our lift based MoT equipment packages on our webpage by clicking HERE.

Note: For the purposes of blog readers: This offer expires at midnight on 31/12/12 unless elsewhere published on our webpage:

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