Innovative solutions to common MOT bay problems…

ImageGETECH test lanes are now unique!

Due to the fact that we always try to find the most appropriate solution to problems in order to offer the best reliability for our customers we can sometimes have a completely different solution to our competitors.

Our mot test bay packages are an example of how we apply a different approach. In 2007 we became the first manufacturer to offer a 5 year warranty on all our test lane equipment. At the time we did this for 2 reasons;

Firstly to differentiate ourselves from our competition and secondly to give our customers the confidence that when we say our equipment is of the highest quality we are prepared to back it up!

To prove the point that approaching a problem in a different fashion is worthwhile, some competitors have now started to offer extended warranties on their bays.

Our latest MoT test bay packages have been further enhanced recently by using the unique features of our brake tester to form a new generation ATL test lane. However this is one development that our competitors are less likely to duplicate as it means wholesale changes to their systems!

Most MoT test lanes require a PC within them in order to function correctly. This may be part of the emissions analyser or indeed part of the automated brake testing system. In both instances without the PC operating correctly (all too common in harsh industrial environments), the test lane becomes redundant until repairs are made.

Our new generation MoT test bay eliminates all the PC’s from the systems and relies solely on internal CPU processors to meet the required VOSA approval criteria. With such an on-board system, which is designed for industrial usage, we can now provide an MoT lane with the highest reliability possible. We won’t make any rash claims to say that the bay will have 100% uptime; as acts of god , vandalism or mis-use can occur, however if we discount these issues there is no reason why a GETECH mot bay will not operate under all circumstances presented to it.

The revised bay arrangement does not even cost more than our previous bay packages, and the modular design of the equipment still means that you can opt to install your bay as a standard product and upgrade to an ATL one man system at a later date of your choosing.

It is due to all of these unique development that we are able to offer our customers even better value when making a test lane purchase.

To start your project you can call us on 0844 800 9785 or if you prefer to research specific packages you start your online search HERE.

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