How it works – Roller Brake Testers

ImageA roller brake tester is a method allowing the dynamic assessment of the braking system of a vehicle whilst the vehicle itself is in a static condition. It consists of 2 pairs of rollers which drive the wheels on the axle of the vehicle being assessed, themselves being driven through a gearbox and motor arrangement to a known speed. A 3rd moving roller is mounted between the driving rollers which registers both when the vehicle is in the roller set and also that each roller is operating in the correct orientation for the test to be conducted.

As the vehicle is tested by operating the rollers, measurements of the maximum braking force are taken by the applying the vehicle brakes which induces a load to force transducers within the roller bed. These forces are used to measure individual axle braking forces per wheel as well as allowing the measurement and assessment of any braking imbalance between the left and right hand brakes.

Modern roller brake testers also can include an integrated weighing system which allows the overall braking efficiencies to be automatically calculated by the machine.

More detailed information on our range of roller brake testers can be found on our webpage HERE

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