Reduce vulnerability by eliminating PC’s

1000Have you ever experienced catastrophic PC failure?

We all know how frustrating it can be when your PC goes down and you can almost guarantee that you will lose saved data and probably require a visit to the local PC store.

We view all PC’s as critical. Without them we are unable to invoice, account and more!! Most modern MoT test bays also require a computer somewhere within them and if this PC falls over, you are unlikely to be able to test for the rest of the working day which will undoubtedly play havoc with your booked appointments.

Of course there are a few easy ways to reduce your vulnerability; a spare PC can be vital. It may be old or underpowered, but it will keep you working whilst you hunt for a replacement provided that it is running the necessary software of course. This however requires some technical aptitude and probably some help from your equipment supplier.

We at GETECH garage equipment strive to ensure that our equipment works faultlessly at all times. In order to achieve this and cut out as many potential failure modes from the system as possible we have developed a system which is uniquely stand-alone by comparison to our competition. Other manufacturers use the PC not only to record the data but also as the actual method of running the testing programs therefore no PC, no MoT testing!!

“So why is a PC used if it can leave me vulnerable?” I ask you say. Well this is fairly straightforward and interrogating the regulations for the approval of such equipment gives us the answer. The requirements of VOSA for this equipment are that a method of storing gathered data for a minimum of 12 months must be incorporated within it. We, as all of other manufacturers, do utilise a PC to achieve this.

What is different about the GETECH system is that this data storage system is the only link to the PC. All physical testing software is packaged within the equipment itself meaning that in the event of total PC failure irrespective of the fact that the download facility will not work and data cannot be stored electronically, the entire testing bay can still operate. In fact uniquely a GETECH MoT bay should never be in a position whereby PC vulnerability causes testing to cease for this reason.

Additional benefits of not requiring a PC to operate such equipment are that that there is no requirement to mount a console on the workshop floor and the entire installation can be remotely mounted freeing up usable space in the workshop.

It is small developments such as the above that differentiate GETECH from our competition. Couple the above with some of the keenest prices in the UK and a 5 year warranty across the board on our products and we believe that we offer the best value MoT bay packages in the UK.

You can gain more information on GETECH, our products and services by visiting our webpage or by calling 0844 800 9785 or read a general blog entry on our MoT test bays HERE.


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