Instantaneous Wheel Alignment Sales Device…

getech sideslip tester, wheel alignment, garage equipmentOur sideslip tester is designed to quickly and efficiently check for vehicle tyre wear by means of a measurement of the vehicles wheel alignment. This is achieved by measuring the amount that the tyre is dragged sideways during the forward motion and therefore gives a quick indication of the effective dynamic toe using a mechanical relaxation plate which relieves any inbuilt tyre forces which could impair the gathered measurements.

If the unit measures misalignment of the tyre when it passes over it then a visual indication is given to indicate that a wheel alignment may be necessary on the vehicle. The measurement and result display are instantaneous.

The unit is capable of withstanding vehicle axle loads of up to 4 Tonnes and so is ideal for nearly all garage requirements and it is very sensitive, enough to detect sideslip down to 20m / Kilometre!

For more information visit the GETECH Garage Equipment website.

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