Types of MoT Test Bay…

Well, let’s start from first principles; you want to add an MoT bay to your garage but are confused by all this talk of standard bays, automated bays, one-man bays etc.

With all of these options in the market it is easy to become confused and make the wrong selection for your specific requirements, but hopefully this blog piece will assist…

VOSA only recognise 3 types of test lane as suitable for the MoT scheme. These are the standard lane, one person test lane or automated test lane – but what exactly are these bays and what do they do?

□ Option 1: Standard Test Lane
A standard or two man test bay is the traditional method of operation for MoT garages. A trained MoT tester has an assistant who operates the vehicle to the tester’s instructions (turning the steering wheel, pressuring the braking system, operating the lights etc.) and this allows the trained tester to physically examine parts of the vehicle externally. A standard MoT test bay usually is the buy in product and offers the cheapest solution to achieve an MoT test lane within your premises. This type of test lane is available to all interested persons but may not necessarily be the most cost-effective solution if you take a medium to long term view of your business. The reason for this is that if you opt for a truly standard test lane, the lift that would be supplied to make the package cheap does not have the option to include the required ATL equipment to it at a later date and so therefore when you want to upgrade, or are forced by planned regulation changes, the entire lift must be removed and a new one installed. This is a significant additional cost of almost £10,000 that can be avoided by installing a GETECH Upgradeable Test Lane which has a lift suitable for fitting play detectors on it at a later date – (our brake tester is totally upgradeable as standard). The additional cost of an upgradeable test lane to a standard lane is relatively little and so therefore installing your bay in 2 parts is not a massive on-cost, you keep your options open to meet future rule changes and also minimise your initial purchase costs. What could be better?

□ Option 2: One Person Test Lane (OPTL)
The OPTL is different to a fully automated system. This is a major confusion for new applicants as they see that both lanes only require one man to operate the test lane and assume them to be the same. OPTL’s are only available to MoT test stations that were approved before 1st August 2005 and the upgrade to allow this testing is simply a set of approved wheel play detectors fitted to either an existing lift (if it was designed to accept the play detectors by the lift manufacturer) or on the side of the existing pit. As such, OPTL’s are a ‘half-way house’ between standard and automated. Since the equipment required to convert to OPTL will be different for every site, then a bespoke quotation is required for existing VTS’. Therefore to gain your quote please call 0844 800 9785.

□ Option 3: Fully Automated Test Lane (ATL)
An ATL or one man test bay is a fully automated means to completely assess a vehicle using only 1 man and no assistant thus offering wage and time saving that can have massive benefits for any garage contemplating adding such a lane to their garage premises. This main difference requires slightly different equipment to a standard 2 man MoT test including; Hydraulic Play Detectors and an Automated Roller Brake Tester with an integrated weighing system and automated brake test control program.

GETECH provide mot equipment packages for all vehicle classes and for both lift based and inspection pit based mot bays. The starting point for all our MoT test bay packages is our own dedicated webpage which can be accessed HERE.

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