Safe installation and maintenance of two-post lifts

Two post lifts rely on the ground fixing bolts for stability so it is essential that both the floor and fixings are of adequate strength. The manufacturer normally specifies what these should be. If the floor is of unknown specification, specialist advice may be required before installation eg from the lift supplier or specialist garage equipment maintenance company.

Once installed and prior to first commercial use of the lift the installer should test the lift by presenting a load equivalent to the maximum permitted design load which should then be raised in the air for a pre-determined interval to ensure continuity of the assembly. Any minor hydraulic leaks (on such products) can also be detected when the system is under load and corrections made accordingly before the lift is signed off with both a load test certificate and a certificate of conformity.

Once in service, fixing bolts should be routinely checked to ensure they remain correctly torqued. Any evidence of slackening of the bolts should be called in to your garage equipment service agent. Re-tightening of any bolts could indicate that creeping is occurring below the floor surface requiring a permanent fix. DO NOT ASSUME that re-torquing the bolts keeps you safe!

It is the operators legal obligation to ensure the lift is inspected every 6 months to comply with legal regulations. should you ne unable to provide such documented evidence it is likely that the lift will be condemned from usage until satisfactory repairs are made.

We can offer a fully documented service contract to ensure you comply with legal requirements and to ensure the continued safe operation of your lifting equipment. Call our service department on 0844 800 9785 to see if we can maintain your garage installation.


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