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Welcome to our blog which is, hopefully, a useful source of resource for information on the MOT scheme and automotive garage equipment..

GETECH Garage Equipment are a UK based manufacturer specialising in the manufacture and supply of MoT testing equipment. We believe that only by supplying the very best value products that we will be able to continue to exceed our customers expectations and deliver the best service possible.

Our products and services are available nationally, but we generally only supply our garage equipment directly to end-users to ensure that the quality of service you receive will always be second-to-none.


Roadside Emissions Testing is Coming!

Roadside Emissions Testing is Coming!
HGV emissions enforcement
In August 2017 we’ll start to carry out roadside checks which target lorry drivers
and operators who cheat on vehicle emissions. The crackdown is based on
evidence that some drivers and operators are using cheat devices to cut the
cost of operating. This enforcement will help make vehicles safer by cutting the
amount of harmful pollutants they produce.
s300_dvsa-enforcement-officer-lorryThe above statement was published in the DVSA’s yearly review and clearly identifies a start date for the next round of roadside testing. Whilst a majority of fleet owners responsibly operate their fleets, there are those who look to break emissions standards.
It seems likely that emissions testing is going to be an area which should be added to the current 6 weekly checks for fleet operators. Currently specific reporting is only requested on brakes – implemented to drive a “duty of care” philosophy within the industry.
We have a standalone diesel smoke meter which we can supply for on-site testing to avoid the dreaded roadside #Fail.
It is the latest generation of smoke tester suitable for truck, bus and coach operators with a 100m wireless range tests, automatic calibration with every test and an operating temperature window down to -15degC.
The DS2XP-0 Truck & Bus Smoke Meter is available on a short lead time and is supplied complete with calibration paperwork good for the first years operation. A cost and tax effective lease purchase package is also available for this equipment.
Simply visit our BUS & Truck equipment page [ http://tinyurl.com/ojgxqpr ] and browse our dedicated range of heavy duty equipment for heavy vehicles, or call 0844 800 9785 to discuss you requirement during normal office hours.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk


NPI – Fasep Tyre Changers

NPI – Fasep Tyre Changers


In order to offer our customers more choice in terms of wheel care products, we will sonn be able to offer Fasep tyre changing, wheel balancing and alignment equipment.

FASEP are an innovative manufacturer of automotive garage equipment providing a full range of high-tech tyre equipment and service solutions. Established in 1969, by Fulvio Boni, it is still an independent family-owned business operating, like GETECH, with a personal touch, high flexibility and passion for innovation.

For over 45 years FASEP’s strength is based on in-house design and manufacture of the components within its wheel aligners and wheel balancers.

This experience and expertise makes FASEP unique in terms of its products and solutions for the tyre industry and FASEP is actually a technology partner for many companies supplying OEM private labelled equipment.

GETECH do not need the vanity of having our name on every item of equipment we supply. We maintain our ethos of supplying the best equipment and support to our customers – after all we are MOT Equipment & Design Installation Specialists rather than Wheel Care experts…

The new tyre equipment range will include specific items for motorcycles, cars, light commercial vehicles, HGV, truck & bus as well as specialist equipment for mobile tyre fitters.

We will publish the range information on our blog and website in due course so watch this space!

For early inquiries on this range an additional 10% discount is offered – Mention FASEP10 when calling to get your discount applied!!

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk

Permanent Southern Sales Office Project

As 2017 progresses, our continued expansion has allowed us to look at opening a base in the South of England to compliment Head Office.

Although not open yet, work continues to progress on this project and it hoped that by September this base – near St.Neots, Huntingdon – will be open to allow a more rapid sales response to this area of the Country.

“Part of our philosophy is to ensure that the correct resources are available to our customers at all times. This has led us to look at the introduction of a Southern sales base as historically we have been very successful here. As a company we [GETECH] hope that by opening a sales base there we can continue to improve our market share”

Ashley Hance, Director of GETECH

Our northern operations will remain unaffected by the addition of this new sales centre and further details of this expansion project will be published in due course on our blog.


What is a Play Detector?

What is a Play Detector?


A play detector is used within an MOT bay to eliminate test assistance from a 3rd party and to repeatably inspect both the steering and suspension elements of the subject vehicle.

Play detection equipment can be installed into an inspection pit or within dedicated recesses within a lift’s platform.

Designs of play detection equipment vary greatly. Dual plates systems, single plate systems, hydraulic and pneumatically actuated etc.

History of Play Detectors

Play Detection in MOT bays first saw light of day within the MOT scheme when in 2005 ATL test bays first became available.

Initially designs were fairly “robust” in the way they examined the steering elements as the DVSA specification for the equipment was for a minimum force to be applied – these designs were thrust onto existing lifts in production such that the lifts moved and pantographed when the play detectors operated –

It is from here that the old-wives tale I still hear from time to time today started…

“A scissor lift is more suitable for ATL testing due to it’s stability.”

Differences between single & dual plate systems

Essentially there is no operational difference that might guide one toward one system or the other. In a dual plate arrangement, one plate drives the suspension elements side to side and the other rotates the steering. A single plate system simply has all the actuators to achieve this housed within thr single plate design.

The only advantage you could see with a single plate system is that only half of the groundwork costs are incurred.

GETECH Play Detectors

GETECH GE457We have a single plate design play detector approved for use on inspection pits and options for dual or single plate systems on lifts.

The GE457PD is operated using a wired remote control with integrated controls and torch through a complete single cycle (side to side or rotationally) returning the plate back to the original centre-line location.

This allows the examiner to concentrate on observing the effect of the examination rather than controlling the operation of the actual play detection equipment.

At all times during the operation cycle the hand lamp remains illuminated and, by design, the forces exerted by the play detector are less than those exerted by the test surface on the slave side. This, as was mentioned above, makes it impossible to damage the vehicle. Despite the low force input to prevent vehicle damage, our play detector exceeds the VOSA force input requirement.

Watch the video by clicking this link…

Designed specifically for mot pit based installations, our single plate play detector can be used to upgrade an existing test station to One Person Testing (OPTL) or as part of an automated test lane (ATL).

The unit requires a three phase, 16 amp electrical supply and the GETECH GE457PD Hydraulic Play Detector comes with a 5 year warranty and an optional service contract to maintain it is also available.

You can even buy the GE457PD online! Visit getech.org.uk to go straight to the page where a special price awaits you! Alternatively call 0844 800 9785 and speak to any of our MOT equipment experts during normal office hours.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk


Sole Trader MOT’s with an Inspection Pit

Sole Trader MOT’s with an Inspection Pit

Complete MOT Bay Package - Pit BayMany people imagine that as a sole trader; operating an MOT station from a small premises with limited headroom might be impossible – but you might also be surprised after talking to GETECH!

Using an inspection pit to conduct the under vehicle checks required as part of the MOT is perfectly acceptable to the DVSA when they consider a premises’ suitability to house a test station.

There are of course some dimensional stipulations that must be adhered to in order for the approval to be granted. These dimensions cover things like the permissible widths and depth of the pit, the minimum lengths which must be provided, the proximity of equipment to walls and other equipment as well as other dimensions to numerous to mention in this blog piece…

Obviously dependent on the class of vehicle you intend to test there are differences in these required dimensions; but as a general rule a pit of between 1.6m & 1.8m deep and a width of  around 900mm allows you test either class 4’s or class 7’s sensibly.

Like an MOT installation, each inspection pit is bespoke to the premises concerned and either a blockwork or a metal fabricated pit might be used. The decision on which route to take here can be driven by cost or environmental conditions. With either configuration the pit can normally be made to suit specific site conditions although the more complex the design, the higher the costs to produce the pit.

Finally, the change in regulations that allowed new test stations to apply for One Person Testing status rather than ATL (Automated Testing), saves garage owners a small fortune and makes the provisioning of an MOT station within a small sole trader premises realistic. Realistically a complete one person bay package can be bolted down and run for the first 12 months from approx £130/Week!

From an equipment perspective you couldn’t be in a better position than talking to GETECH. As a manufacturer we have our own range of equipment to suit an inspection pit based installation – and this equipment comes with a 5 years extended parts warranty.

So give us a call on 0844 800 9785 to discuss your project in more details – we can probably answer all your questions in single telephone call and then start the process to full approval, starting with a free on site consultation, quickly and efficiently.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk.

Calibration and Service – Some myths de-bunked

When you think about your MOT bay equipment and measures you can take to ensure your equipment remains in good condition what is the first thing that comes to mind?

We suspect you will say either calibration or servicing.

They are both likely answers, but most garage owners still have trouble explaining the difference between the two. In fact research we conducted showed that 83% of garage owners did not understand the difference so we thought we would take a moment of your time to explain the key differences…

What is a Calibration?

A calibration is a process set out by the equipment manufacturer that has to be followed to ensure that the measurement capabilities of your equipment are within allowable tolerances. The frequency of the checks is dictated by the vehicle inspectorate.

So what is a Service then?

A service differs slightly from a calibration. It is a process of inspection checks (still set out by the equipment manufacturer) to ensure that the mechanical and internal electrical components are operating efficiently and without deterioration to their performance from a measurement or safety perspective. Where necessary parts may need to be replaced.

If the equipment is calibrated it must be in a serviceable condition?

True. But only at the instant when the calibration check is completed. Like your MOT a calibration certificate may last for a fixed period but if the condition of the calibrated item deteriorates then the calibration may no longer be correct; or valid. A service is therefore a more thorough way of maintaining the equipment to a serviceable condition.

I’m a bit confused by this…

OK, let me explain this another way. Lets say for example you are going to climb a mountain and you decide that you need to get paperwork from the doctor to say you are in good health. You visit this doctor and he performs all his checks to produce the paperwork to say you are in good condition. This is your bodies calibration certificate if you will…

Next in order to climb the mountain you decide that you will do some fitness training to give your body the capability to perform this task – this is the service element. The two are linked but subtly different.

To maintain your garage equipment in the best condition possible we can support your garage with calibration and servicing contracts which are competitvely priced. We have a monthly payment scheme for low volume or seasonal business to give you the facility for some good financial planning. Visit our service department homepage HERE or call 0844 800 9785 during office hours.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk

Class 4 or 7 MOT Test Bay Packages by GETECH

Adding an MOT bay to an existing garage or building a new workshop premises with associated MOT facilities? Then GETECH Equipment should be your obvious first port of call and here are some of the reasons why;

  1. Manufacturing Pedigree
    • Equipment is only manufactured in Europe
    • Equipment comes with a 5 year extended parts warranty
  2. Costs
    • Comparable to all other manufacturers
  3. Flexibility
    • Equipment is TOTALLY modular
    • Solutions for Lift & Pit installations
    • Standard, Upgradeable, One Person & Automated Bay options available
  4. Service
    • Dedicated project manager
    • Full in-house project management service as standard
    • Local planning permissions achieved in-house
    • Manufacturer level, in-house post sale service team
    • Low yearly maintenance costs
    • Low Yearly calibration costs

Looking at an MOT package for motorcycle, class 4 or 7 testing? We have the competition following us due to our superior equipment design and warranty. Our packages are designed to suit your specific site installation requirements and we achieve this by sending out our technical sales team to your garage to complete a site survey and to understand from you how your business operates. By working together we achieve the optimum design before fully supporting you throughout the application stage, civil & electrical stage and approval stage with the vehicle inspectorate.

But the service doesn’t end there….

By purchasing GETECH equipment equipment, you are employing a professional partner to assist your business, fully supporting you from a calibration and service perspective to ensure that we are recommended by you to others! Ultimately we understand that by providing good “old fashioned” service to our customers, we will continue to grow.

We have a dedicated website page outlining the various bay options that exist. You can visit us by clicking HERE or call during office hours on 0844 800 9785.

For more information on GETECH call during office hours, visit http://getech.org.uk or mail info@getech.org.uk